Focusing on Persian/Farsi speakers, arts, literature and culture, ARTA Cultural Centre Inc. serves and supports community members and help them integrate into the mainstream society.


With great sadness, we inform you of the passing of our beloved friend and the inspiring artist Hossein Valamanesh.
It was an honour to have Hossein as a part of our team at Arta Cultural Centre from the very beginning. His kindness, knowledge, and positivity and of course his creative vision will be missed hugely. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Hossein will live on in his great artworks and the memories of those who loved him.
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Sahar Khajani

Sahar Khajani


Sahar Khajani is an educator and event coordinator. She holds a Master of Teaching English (TESOL) from Flinders University and a Bachelor of English Translation (Azad University), Cert IV in Multicultural Women leadership, Community Services, and Education Support. 

Sahar is one of the co-founders of ARTA Cultural Centre. Being influenced from her studies about cultures, linguistics, psychology and art history, Sahar is passionate to serve in cultural and social activities, stimulate relationship within people in the communities.  Also, Sahar has always been interested in raising awareness about domestic violence and family services. 

Serving as the community leader for more than seven years, Sahar achieved the Community Quiet Achiever Award from the Mayor of City of Adelaide in 2020. She received an Appreciation Award from the Assistant Minister to the Premier in 2019 for her achievement in the successful Silk Road Caravanserai Concert involving 60 artists from more than 20 community groups.

Suren Edgar

Treasurer / Public Officer

Suren Edgar is one of the co-founders of ARTA Cultural Centre. He has always been interested in different cultures, their effects on each other, maintaining cultures and introducing them to the multicultural society of Australia to enhance mutual understanding among different generations.

As a proactive board member of an Iranian nonprofit organisation in Adelaide for more than seven years, Suren coordinated and initiated many cultural events to support community members and enhance their social inclusion.
Suren received an Appreciation Award from the Assistant Minister to the Premier, the Hon Jing Lee in 2019 for his contribution in the Silk Road Caravanserai Concert in which 60 artists from more than 20 community groups participated.

Suren is an electrical engineer and project manager who established “Delight Electrical” company in Adelaide in 2016 .He has a Bachelor of Electrotechnic Engineering from Azad University and Electrotechnology from Victoria University. 

He is also one of the board members of Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia.

Mandana  Shoja


Mandana Shoja studied Civil Engineering at Tabriz University and graduated in 2011. Mandana has got a decade of experience in the civil industry. She migrated to Australia in late 2021 and joined Arta Cultural Centre in the middle of 2022. 

Mandana is working in the financial industry at the moment as she is interested in experiencing various fields.

Mandana is mostly passionate about handicraft art and within her last year living in Iran she studied and  learned Persian style carpet weaving. Currently, Mandana is studying Interior Design in Australia.

Elyas Alavi

Art Director (Visual Art)

Elyas Alavi’s practice is interdisciplinary bridging elements from poetry to visual arts, from archive to everyday events with the intention to address issues around displacement, trauma, memory, body and identity. Alavi graduated from a Master of Fine Arts at the Chelsea College of Arts, University of London in 2020 &  a master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia in 2016. He has exhibited at Mohsen Gallery (Tehran), Firstdraft (Sydney), Robert Kananaj (Toronto), IFA (Kabul), Chapter House Lane (Melbourne), UTS gallery (Sydney) as well as Ace Open, Felt Space, Nexus Arts, CACSA Project Space (all Adelaide).

He is the recipient of a 2019 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship.                                 Alongside his visual art practice, he has published three poetry books in Afghanistan and Iran, receiving critical acclaim and a number of literature prizes. Alavi regularly runs art and poetry workshops in schools and community centres in Adelaide. 

Ali Mafakheri

Art Director (Music)

Ali Mafakheri is a musician, music teacher and musical instrument maker. He was born into a music-dedicated family. At the age of 12, Ali began studying Setar with Sepehr Lajevardi. He studied the Persian classical repertoire, known as Radif, with Mehrdad Torabi. He was inspired by various famous Setar players and was captivated by great Masters such as Mohammad Mousavi (Maestro Ahmad Ebadi’s style), Mohammad Reza Lotfi and Behdad Babai. He has performed in major international festivals and prestigious concerts in Iran and Australia. Currently, Ali is collaborating with Kashkul Ensemble in Adelaide.

Ali learnt making music instruments at the age of 15 from his father, Abbas Mafakheri, who is one of the most well-known masters in making musical instruments. Ali has been a proactive member of Iranian Music House and awarded “The youngest music instrument maker in Iran”.

Holding a Master degree in Biotechnology, Ali is also passionate about wood artwork. He has collaborated with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handcrafts (MCTH) in Iran in a few projects on the restoration of historical and heritage buildings in Isfahan, Kashan, and Tehran.

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